Characteristics of latex balloon production line
1. the equipment is designed according to the chemical properties of the raw materials and the molding process requirements of the balloon. The process is compact and the structure is reasonable.
2. the drying box adopts tunnel drying method, the principle of hot air rising, the recovery of hot air circulation and stirring, so that the machine can get the effect under the minimum power.
3. in the design process, the effective heating space is used, the principle of hot air circulation and the intelligent PID temperature control system are used, the temperature control is accurate, the energy saving effect of the machine is achieved and the cost is reduced.
4. high output, unique movable joint design, simple replacement of die, speed up circulation.
5. the automatic vibration drop glue and glue dispensing system make the finished balloon better.
6. adopt special high temperature resistant chain and co extrusion to accelerate production speed and increase output.




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